Guru Randhawa Mashup Guitar Chords Lesson | 3 CHORDS | Easy Punjabi Songs Mashup For Beginners



CHORD PROGRESSION= Em>D>C>D (in Whole mashup)


  1. D---Pluck strings
  2. D-D-D......
  3. DD-UDU-DD
  4. DD-UDU-DD----(DU).                  (Divided on Chords)
Note- in 4th strumming the last two stokes (DU) which is in bracket  will be used as FILLER.
(Refer my video for complete understanding)

(D---Pluck strings)
Tere bin nahi main jeena, mar hi jaana
Kinni sohni lagdi sonh hai rab di eeee

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani

*SLIDE ON 6TH STRING (Refer my video for complete understanding)

Haaye ni haaye nakhra tera ni
High rated gabru nu maare
Haaye ni munde pagal ho gaye ne
Tere gin gin lakk de hulare 

Kudi da pata karo
Kehde pind di aa
Kehde shehar di aa

Oh lagdi Lahore di aa
Jis hisaab na hansdi aa
Oh lagdi Punjab di aa
Jis hisaab na takkdi aa

Oh lagdi Lahore di aa
Jis hisaab na hansdi aa
Oh lagdi Punjab di aa
Jis hisaab na takkdi aa
Oh lagdi Lahore di aa
Jis hisaab na hansdi aa

Kala suit kala til mukhde te janchda
Ve nazar na lage tainu
Bacha ke baby rakh daan

Ho ni tu lagdi punjaban, lagdi patola
Lagge ni tu saariyan to wakhri
Tainu suit suit karda
Oh tainu suit suit karda

Badan teri di khushbu
Mainu sone na deve ni 
Raatan nu uth uthke sochan
Baare tere ne
Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani


Haye ni Haye naƮtra tera ni

O tenu suit suit Karda

Haye ni munde parallel ho gae ne

Tenu mahal dawa dunga

Haye ni Haye nakhra tera ni

Mitra di jaan te bane

Haye ni munde parallel ho gaye ne

Tere gin gin lakte gullere

He.  E.  E e e e e e e e  he. Eeeee eee
Hee eee eee he ehehe ehehehe 
Heeee eeheh heheheheh heheheheh

for complete understanding please watch my tutorial video.
if you have any doubt/suggestion please ask in comment section below.

NOTE-if any Mistake/Correction is there in above notes please let me know.



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