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Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega Guitar Tabs (Notes) with Chords & Strumming Pattern by FUXiNO | FX-MUSIC

Lead Free Backing Track for Practice  Backing (with Guided Lead in slow volume) Track For Beginners To Follow Timing of Notes (Headphones Recommended) IT TAKES TOO MUCH TIME AND EFFORTS TO MAKE VIDEOS,NOTES,BACKING TRACK FOR YOU GUYS AND I DONT EARN TOO MUCH DUE TO COPYRIGHT ISSUE SO IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT MY WORK YOU CAN BY DONATING ANYTHING ON PAYTM (Simply Click On This PAYTM Button). Thank You. Donate with CHORDS - C,Am,F,G STRUMMING - DD-UU-DU TABS E|----------------------------------------- B|--\5--5------------------------6--5----- G|--------7--5--7--------5--5--------7-- D|------------------5--7------------------ A|----------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------- B|--\5--5--------------------------6--5hp6----- G|---------7-7--5--7--------5--5--------------7-- D|----------------------5--7------------------ A|------------------------

Ranu Mondal and Himesh Reshammiya Song Teri Meri Kahani LYRICS Chords Guitar Tabs and Strumming Pattern by FUXiNO | FX-MUSIC

Ranu Mondal viral song teri meri kahani for singer and actor himesh reshammiya ’s upcoming movie Happy Hardy and Heer.The full song is not released yet i will try to upload the full song Tabs and chords as soon as the full song releases. CHORDS - Bm,A,G STRUMMING - D-D  ( USED IN MY VIDEO ) (Female - Ranu Mondal) (Bm>A>G) Aa…..aaaaa…aaaa (Bm) Teri hi meri hi  (A) Teri meri (Bm) Teri meri hi kahani (G)  (Music) (Bm) Teri hi meri hi  (A) Teri meri (Bm) Teri meri hi kahani (G)   (Music) (Male - Himesh Reshammiya) (Bm) Teri hi meri hi  (A) Teri meri (G) Teri meri hi kahani (Bm) Teri hi meri hi  (A) Teri meri (G) Teri meri hi kahani TABS (Watch My Video For Better  Understanding) RANU MONDAL (FEMALE PART) E|----------------------- B|--14\15-14-12h14-12h14- G|----------------------- D|----------------------- A|----------------------- E|----------------------- E|----------------- B|--12-10h12-10h12

Senorita Guitar Tab Sheet with Chords and Bass Guitar Notes by FUXiNO | Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello | | FX MUSIC

CHORD USED Am,C,F,Em,G PROGRESSIONS Am>C>F>Em>G Am>C>G With CAPO on 5th - Em,G,C,Bm,D PROGRESSIONS with CAPO Em>G>C>Bm>D Em>G>D IT TAKES ALOT TIME TO MAKE VIDEOS AND NOTES, SO IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT MY WORK, YOU CAN BY DONATE ANYTHING TO ENCOURAGE ME Donate with BASS LINE (Muted Bass Guitar Notes on Standard Acoustic Guitar) (Am) E|----------------------------------- B|----------------------------------- G|----------------------------------- D|------------------5--7--5--------- A|-----7--7-----7-----------7--5-- E|--5--------5---------------------- (C) E|----------------------------------- B|---------------------------------- G|-----------------------2----------- D|-----5--5-----5--5-----5--2--0-- A|--3--------3---------------------- E|---------------------------------- (F) E|----------------------------------- B|----------------------------------- G|-----------------------------------