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Genda Phool (Boro Loker Beti Lo) Ukulele Tabs Tutorial in Hindi | Main Bengali Line | Fuxino | Fx-Music

Genda Phool (Boro Loker Beti Lo) Ukulele Tabs with Video Tutorial Tabs A|--5--5h7--7--7--5--7--5--3-- E|----------------------------- C|----------------------------- G|----------------------------- A|--5--7--7--7--5--5--7--5--3-- E|----------------------------- C|----------------------------- G|----------------------------- A|--0--0--0--3--3--5--5--7--8---7h/p8--5---5--5--5---- E|----------------------------------------------------- C|----------------------------------------------------- G|----------------------------------------------------- Easy Version A|--5-7---7--7----5--7--5--3-- E|----------------------------- C|----------------------------- G|----------------------------- A|--5---7-7-7---5--5--7--5--3-- E|----------------------------- C|----------------------------- G|----------------------------- A|--0--0--0--3--3--5--5--7--8---7---5----5--5--5---- E|----------------------------------------------------- C|--------------------------

Happy Birthday Ukulele Tabs Tutorial in Hindi by Fuxino | Fx-Music

Watch This Video For Better Understanding There are four parts in happy birthday song, try to learn part by part then combine all together, don't go fast if you are just starting ukulele, figure out everything slowly then try to increase your speed. (PART-1) A|-------------------- E|------------------1--0-- C|--0--0--2--0-------- G|-------------------- (PART-2) A|-------------------- E|-----------------3--1-- C|--0--0--2--0-------- G|-------------------- (PART-3) A|---------3--0----------- E|---------------1--0----- C|--0--0----------------2-- G|----------------------- (PART-4) A|--1--1--0----------- E|-------------1--3--1-- C|-------------------- G|-------------------- if you have any doubt please leave your comment below. UKULELE CHORD BOOK

UKULELE COURSE MINI SERIES in Hindi by Fuxino | Fx-Music | Ukulele Tutorial

UKULELE BASIC CHORDS BOOK CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD    Hello guys, I hope you guys are doing well and learning music and guitar at your home. so recently I have started a ukulele mini course series for for absolute beginners and this is a great bonus for those who are already playing guitar and it will be easy for you guys. so in this series I am covering only main and important topics of ukulele since it is a mini ukulele series so I don't want to stretch this series too long, in few days I will cover basics then I will add few easy songs tutorials, thats it. and latter if you guys show your interest then I will definitely upload more videos on ukulele. You can watch full series on my youtube channel *Fuxino* or you can watch videos below. (Note - All Ukulele Written Materials Are Now Under Process, will Update soon) Ukulele Mini Series (Basics) - Episode-1 Ukulele Mini Series (Basics) - Episode-2 UKULELE CHORDS : HOW TO HOLD & CHANGE CHORDS